Is it time that it loved you back?

Welcome to The Career Elevation Academy

Welcome to The Career Elevation Academy

Ready to turn the career of your dreams into a fantastic reality?
Ready to feel more empowered and fulfilled?
Ready to shake off unnecessary stress to make time for the things and people you adore?

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You should love your career 

You're ready and in the right place.

Hey. I see you. You got the degrees. You got the job. You've got the family. 

Yet you're feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled in your career right now.

You've spent years in your job but have been passed up for promotions.
You don't know how to not lose yourself in your career and parenthood.

You feel so frustrated and think no one else is dealing with these same issues. 

You believe you've missed your shot at career success.

Think again.

It's  never too late to rejuvenate yourself and your career to create the life you've been CRAVING.

Yes I'm Ready  

As Seen In

tell me, do any of these sound familiar to you?

I am overwhelmed, exhausted, and way too stressed in my current job and have zero clue how to fix it.

I busted my BUTT in school and can't see how my degree, skills, and knowledge easily translate into a successfull career.

I keep settling in my career and life because I lack the confidence to truly know my worth.

I have a horrible work-life balance and it's affecting my health and the ones I love.

I have so many personal and financial goals but am not working a career that allows me to achieve them.

I'm scared that my busy life juggling parenting, relationships, and work, means I've missed my shot at career success.

This Is Me →

If any of these sound like you, you need to know two really important things:

1) You’re not alone  and

 2) Your life doesn’t need to be this way! 

Up until now, I’m sure you’ve googled “how to get a promotion at work” or “how to balance work and family” or "ways to stand out at work" or even “flexible careers”. Am I right?

Deep down you know quick fixes and googling these for the 19th time won’t help you feel more in control and fulfilled.

But let’s be honest: you do it because you're afraid of being judged.

You're lost on where to get clear career advice that fits where you are at this stage of your life.

You think you need more time to stand out.

You have so many negative beliefs floating in your head that keep you so damn paralyzed that you can't make any big moves!  

I'm Ready for Change →

So let me ask you this: 

How long are you going to let your biggest life and career struggles rule you?

If you don't take action now to create a more successful and fufilled career, will things change or will they stay the same?

What do you feel like you really deserve?

I Deserve More  →

 A not-so-secret secret:
you deserve to have it all !  

Why? Because if you don’t have it all, you can't reach your full potential and live an empowered, abundant, and successful life. 

You know what needs to change.
That's why you're here. 

You have so many precious plates in the air right now and you're doing what you need to do to just get by. 

You can take that first step into turning the career of your dreams into an actual vision.

You can elevate your energy and open yourself up to feeling like everything aligns just perfect (heck yes). 

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Repeat after me: I'm ready for career success and ease.

Having it all means

Finally gaining the confidence to stand out among your professional peers online and in-person

Going from being uninspired, anxious, and overwhelmed to determined, self assured, and empowered

Becoming a time-maven and taking back control of your time and self to accomplish your most essential life and career goals

Achieving alignment between your life and career is possible and I'll show you how!
(Think of me as your very own Olivia Pope!)

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The Career Elevation Academy

 The Career Elevation Academy is a 10 week exclusive program tailored for professional women who are ready to rejuvenate their career journey by overcoming their mental blockers, designing a fail-proof career blueprint, accomplishing their most essential life and career goals, and maintaining their success.  

It's signature Career Transforming Framework will take you from feeling unempowered, directionless, and overwhelmed to fulfilled, accomplished, and in-control.


your career transformation journey will be :

Phase 1

Uncover and unpack the destructive habits, behaviors, and mindsets that have been making your career and life 5X as hard and replace them with science-backed bold patterns that will rewire your brain to create lasting success. 

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The Power of Owning Your Mindset

Phase 2

Now it's time to make your success inevitable.

Learn how to actually create an action-oriented plan with clear goals for your specific career moves using blueprints and formats that fit your current life.

We'll take away the guesswork and create a guide that will see you having early wins.

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Your Ultimate Career Blueprint 

Phase 3

A la Bridget Jones, “You’re perfect just the way you are”. Now let’s up your exceptional game by building a strong, attractive, modern, results driven, and science backed professional profile and resume that will make you stand out amongst your peers. 

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Create an Irresistible Professional Profile to Stand Out

Phase 4

Let's talk dollar and sense. Learn how to go from “I’m desperate, please give me a job” to “I’m the problem solver your company needs now”.

Use these step-by-step interview and negotiation guides to stand out and get that new salary or promotion.  

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Make Power Negotiating Moves

Phase 5

Never feel awkward reaching out to a recruiter, colleague, or executive again! 
Learn how to handle professional conversations through guided lessons and clear done- for-you scripts and email templates so you can become a networking maven (even if you’re an introvert at heart!).

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Networking Made Easy

Phase 6

You're writing the rules and leading your life.
Implement the tools and resources for even 10 minutes a day to keep your motivation alive so you can succeed in your career with clarity, confidence, and unstoppable momentum.  

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How to Stay Consistent in Your Career Journey

1:1 Private Coaching Sessions

Think of this as a 1 hour brunch session where we problem solve together, track your performance to your goals, and celebrate early wins. Cheers to that!  

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Members Only Community

Sharing is actually caring. Join the exclusive Career Elevation Academy Group where you’ll learn from other professionals, get access to member-only resources and tips, and celebrate wins!

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Apply for The Career Elevation Academy

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Access The Academy and Begin Your Journey

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A year from now you
will have wished you started today....

so let's get started!

And if that wasn't enough

Grab your seat today and get 6 exclusive bonuses!

When you join The Career Elevation Academy, you'll also get exclusive access to a comprehensive library of bonus resources and trainings for you to own your career and life even faster !

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Bonus 1

20+ Modern Resume and Cover Letter Templates Pack

Bonus 2

Bonus 3

Bonus 6

Bonus 4

Bonus 5

 “How to say 'No' and never feel guilty again!”

"Prepare for a promotion with personal branding"
Mini-course with NYT Featured Coach, Lauren C. Nelson 

"Time Maven 101: How to Organize Your Schedule Like a CEO " Mini-Course

30-Day and 60-Day Post Academy
Check-in Calls

Lifetime Access to the Academy Resources

Have bombshell confidence and be the bold woman you've always wanted to be

Feel clarity as to what your rewarding and purposeful career journey will be

Create more flow, alignment, and harmony in how you manage your amazing work and life 

Be supported by an inspiring community of talented women to support you at every step

Thrive professionally long-term so you always stay attracting success into your life

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I'm a successful former academic, demographer, and corporate leader turned empowered entrepreneur who is coaching professional women to have careers that allow them to not only feel fulfilled but also give them the freedom to make time for their most precious and important people and things. 

 Across my 12 year career, I have worked for some of the biggest organizations in the world, managed multi-million dollar programs and teams, and traveled to some of the most beautiful places on the planet!

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But for years i had a dark secret. I was faking it.

Deep down I felt so unfulfilled in my job and was insanely burned out as a new mom. 

I was constantly feeling stressed out and taking it out on my husband, was losing my hair, resentful, and just feeling like my career wasn’t allowing me to create the life I had always dreamed of.

And I thought well I have the degrees: isn’t this supposed to be easy?!?!?

I knew I could have the family, the career, and the life but didn’t know how to get it all.

And because the internet is full of so many voices, I didn’t have realistic, flexible, and modern advice that could help me: an almost mid-career, new Mom, ambitious, immigrant lady.

So I became a secret hot mess. 

It wasn’t until one too many medical scares that forced me ask myself: "If I don't take action now, in my life, then when?". 

I blocked out the noise, got help from some amazing mentors, revamped my own career, and eventually really leaned into my true purpose of coaching other women to live beautiful, well balanced, thriving careers and lives.  

I could go on for days about all the lessons and advice I wish someone would’ve told me 5 years ago, but instead: I’ll show you! 

I created the Career Elevation Academy just for YOU. Why? Because you’re also an exceptional and ambitious professional woman juggling family and career and who needs the blueprints to thrive in her career and create the life she deserves. 

but nowI know how to help!

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The Academy is the only one of its kind because...

IT is a flexible fail-proof program for busy professional built on science-backed modern blueprints and tools made specifically for your most important goals.

I will show you how to grow your career from a place of flexibility, understanding, and clarity, and as a result of that, success that aligns with your values.  

The Academy gives you a blueprint to not only improve your career but also other areas of your busy and ambitious life. 

Therefore, you will create sustainable, lasting change and success, instead of JUST focusing on your mindset  OR JUST focusing on your career OR JUST your time management. 

Once we touch all these aspects of your life, all of these pieces will flow together so perfectly, allowing you to create an intentionally fulfilling life that you deserve. 

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work at a steady pace 

Plan based on your desired outcomes


Follow a proven blueprint

This program includes everything you need  to stand out in your career

This program includes

The Career Elevation Academy is your guide to embracing a fulfilling career and life. But real talk: it will only get you so far.

You need to apply what you're learning to truly move the needle. And I know you'll do it. Why?

Cause you're here.

You're DONE feeling  stuck, miserable, and always wanting more.  Today is the day, your dream career becomes your beautiful, elevated, reality.


you need

to stand out in  your career

If you want THIS to be the year that you finally commit to:

Smashing limiting beliefs and showcasing how much of a bad bish that you are (cause you deserve it).

Building a professional profile that will allow you to stand out in your field.

Gain clarity on how to attract your dream career and work in a job that lights you up every morning.

Build your perfect time management system that will ensure you're continued growth and providing you more time to do the things you love. 

Create and sustain your empowered and bold self so you never lose your career mo-jo.  

Feel more balanced, and rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life and loved ones.

I am Ready →

We're willing to work with you to be successful. 

Between the amazing modules, great bonuses, hands on community, and post Academy calls, we got you covered. 

Therefore becauses the Academy is a digital product and you get instant accesss, we won't be able to provide you with a refund of the program. 


satisfaction guarantee

This      for you if:


You are ready to stand out in your career and want to move up

you are ready to work smarter and not harder

you're ready to ditch overwhelm and exhaustion juggling career and home life

It's probably        for you if...


You're scared of taking the first step to taking back control of your career

YOU'RE NOT WILLING TO DO THE WORK to create a better career

you're unwilling to finally ditch chaos and confusion  

I'm In

I'm In →

Let's elevate now!



Can I benefit from this if I’m still early in my career?

Yes. You. Can! The good news is that this program is for anyone who is ready to elevate themselves in their career and build the life they deserve.

If in general, you're looking to be more empowered and bold, create a clear and successful career action plan, and take back control of your time and schedule, then The Career Elevation Academy is for YOU. 

I’m super busy and worried I won't have time!  How many hours a week should I schedule for this to work? 

I get it lady: life, family, gym, tight work deadlines, and weekend brunch can consume our planner!

That’s why I built The Career Elevation Academy to be a to-the-point program that fits a more busy lifestyle.  Each video will be no more than 20 minutes (enough time to get back to a Housewives episode!). 

Since everyone's journey is different, you could make progress on the weekly worksheet through 1 hour a week or leveragee the tips and tricks on how to break it down into smaller bits of 10 minutes a day! 

I’m scared I’ll get overwhelmed and give up: how can I stay on track?

Look. You’re here because you’re ready to invest in permanent change.

That’s why I’ve built in weekly coaching sessions and the Members Only Facebook group where we can share our wins, fears, and keep each other motivation.  

But what if I don’t know what I want in my career next?

That’s okay! Though the final decision on what career is best is based on where you and/or your family is right now, The Career Elevation Academy provides science-backed tools to aid you in making this exciting decision.

Remember you’re in the driver’s seat and I’m your personal Olivia Pope (or Yoda) guiding you along the way.

Can you guarantee me a new job if I go through the Academy?

Though I can’t guarantee that you will have a new job by the end of The Career Elevation Academy, I can promise that if you follow the science backed steps and complete the assignments you will identify your most important life and career goals to achieve and see some clear early wins.

What if I need more help after the Academy is done: what can I do?

I’m here for you! Book a time with me to discuss how we can work together to keep your amazing career and life even more elevated!

How long will I have access to the Academy resources?

You get lifetime access to the Academy resources. Slay. I want you to always have access to the content so you can keep growing through all seasons of your spectacular journey. 

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let's toast to your SUCCESS

Loving your career shouldn't be hard. Together, we can make it easy.

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