It All Began With Lego Bricks

At 5, my Daddy, a demographer, explained his job to me by turning Lego bricks into bar charts and saying, "I count how many women and babies grow old and live good lives."

Now granted becoming a demographer isn't just about playing with blocks, but it fired in me a desire to use good data to improve women and children's lives all over the world. 

What's my superpower? Relating every data and strategy struggle to BravoTv. 

don't be all like uncool (about your data). 
-countess luann
A few of my key accomplishments include: 
  • Managed organizational restructure for the Bernard Van Leer Foundation across 4 country offices, resulting in a new $1.2M investment in advanced data systems and a remarkable 30% increase in staff data skills
  • Designed organization-wide data strategies for the Washington D.C. Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement leading to $1.5M investment in a dedicated performance and analytics unit
  • Coached the City of Longmont to create comprehensive COVID-19 strategic plan resulting in the distribution of $12M in funds and the implementation of a cutting-edge $700K performance management system
  • Transformed the contracting landscape for minority and women-owned small businesses in the City of Asheville, designed a county-wide community-led innovation business hub, launched 3 impactful local contracting campaigns, and achieved a remarkable 30% increase in positive satisfaction reports across 5 departments
  • Led global data team to design $22M health and data strategy resulting in a new $40M partnership, developing an app to track integrated health services in health facilities across 3 states in India
  • Delivered training workshops and webinars on data utilization, management, and data-for-policy to over 150 executives resulting in 17% increase in funding for staff data trainings in 22 Indian cities and a 200% growth in data trainers supporting public health teams in Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania.
  • Led strategy design for $30M public health data program resulting in 13% increase in use of health and a 10% boost in government and private-sector funding to health systems across 118 cities in Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa.

I believe in embracing the power of data to save lives, ensure that communities thrive, and that businesses flourish.

I believe in going on a data journey where human potential and financial success converge and shape a world where the possiblities are limitless.

As a proud Cameroonian demographer and data scientist, I excel at transforming organizations through effective data management and analytics.

Beyond my childhood interest, my real journey into demography began with a personal tragedy that sparked me to make a difference. At my core is a dedication to ensure that families never suffer the devastating loss of a loved one due to inadequate care from bad data. 

For over 10 years, I've used my passion and expertise to help executives and their teams use their data to achieve remarkable financial growth and surpass organizational goals. 

But it doesn't stop there. I have coached government executives to create strategic plans and implemented health and data strategies across Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. 

My work has resulted in substantial funding distribution, increased client satisfaction reports, and improved adaptive management processes.

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Keynote Speeches

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