Does this sound familiar?

You're a frustrated executive director or nonprofit manager who puts many hours into your business.

Your organization is underperforming.

You are having a hard time making well-informed decisions.

Your competitors are gaining ground and leaving you in the dust.

You have loads of data but are not sure what to do with it. 

Deep down, you know improving your organization's data is the solution. 

But the lack of knowledge and tools to harness its true potential holds you back.

Designed for executive directors and their teams, the "Data-Driven Profit Mastery" course equips participants with the ability to analyze data effectively, make informed decisions, and propel their organization's financial growth.

 Data-Driven Profit Mastery Course

Designed for executives and business leaders who need support to be the hero of their data related challenges. 

Individual Coaching

Consulting sessions are personalized guidance to help you use your data effectively. Together, we'll identify challenges, create a plan for success, and make necessary adjustments for you to reach your goals with confidence.



Designed new contracting strategy for small businesses, innovative business hub, which led to 30% increase in positive satisfaction reports across 5 departments.

Designed 8 training workshops and 3 webinars on data driven decision making and data management resulting in a 200% increase in skilled data staff.  

Restructed organization and boosted data skills, and securing a new $1.2M investment in data systems, resulting in a 30% increase in staff data skills.


How I've Helped Others  

I understand the tough position you're in because I've been there too.

It's frustrating to not have tools or practices to manage data. 

I've had trouble setting clear goals because strategies weren't aligned. 

I've made bad decisions based on bad insights which has led to wasted time, damaged customer trust, money, and missed opportunities. 

I know how challenging it is to not meet your board of trustees expectations...again. 

I've also had too much data to know what to do with.  Trust me: I get it. 

Over the years, I've overcome these challenges and transformed them into opportunities and success.

Together, we'll develop effective strategies to make sure you have reliable information to make good data-driven decisions, and help staff build their skills. 

Let's turn your data challenges into triumphs and get your team back to what matters the most: leading your organization to success.

You're stronger than you think you are. You DO have the power to transform your organization's future. But even heroes need guidance to unlock their full potential.  


Take the first step towards unlocking the transformative power of data-driven excellence today - reach out to me now!

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 your data's